How we make it happen

Events with added value

You tell us which goal you want to reach. We know how you can get there. We associate your brand, your products with emotions. We arrange creative and special adventures that excite your clients and guests and let them experience your brand and company world with all their senses.

We develop customised concepts and offers for companies all over the world and, implementing these, we focus on your individual wants and needs. We organise professional meetings, stage incentives with stories and create emotional events in Austria, Europe and the whole world.

A perfect incentive is the sum of many perfect details


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This is why we create experiences that fit your company and its values. We organise these experiences so perfectly that we create enduring memories. We always have our fingers on the pulse of the times for our clients. We know the destinations where new things emerge: glacier hike, helicopter flight, BBQ on a fjord... with our love of detail, we not only stage the incentive that fits your company but also put ourselves in the place of your guests to ensure that everyone enjoys their time to the fullest. We organise everything from A to Z: from flight tickets and charter planes to branded room keys, from the right equipment to mental preparation – we think of everything. That way, you have time to take care of your guests – and we take care of the rest.

Sample project: Winter incentive

For OPEL BANK, we’ve already created two spectacular incentives in Saalfelden and Leogang:

  • Alpine lodge in Leogang
  • Exclusive locations in the Pinzgau mountains
  • Activity programme and entertainment around the clock
  • Breathtaking glacier experience
  • Skiing, sledding, ice-karts, snowshoes and torch-lit hikes
  • Well-known artists - presenters, singers, DJs, acrobats

With us, storytelling can be experienced with all senses

International destinations

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Because we immerse ourselves deeply in the world of your company. With our partner agencies on site, we develop events that are not simply a stringing together of individual experiences, but stage productions that, from invitation to follow-up, tell the client’s story. To ensure this, we travel to a variety of destinations until we’ve found just the right one and test concepts until they match your history and company culture.

Sample project: Management conference in Dubrovnik

For our clients from Akzo Nobel, we staged Dubrovnik for three days, packing the best that the destination has to offer into an exciting programme:

  • Three days, 650 participants
  • Combination of meeting, leisure activities and gala dinner
  • Framework programme for different small groups
  • Outdoor dinner at the beach

Sample project: Best dealer trip to St. Petersburg

For the ŠKODA best dealer tour, we chose St. Petersburg – a city with a fascinating history and culture and majestic buildings from the time of the tsars.

  • 5 days, 30 participants
  • Combined study and incentive tour
  • Attendance at a match of the Ice Hockey World Cup, powered by ŠKODA
  • Classic car ride, helicopter ride, visit of Russia’s oldest train station including a ride on a steam locomotive
  • Russian outdoor adventure day
  • Exclusive opening of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and the Catherine Palace

We find the location where your product will become visible

Product presentations

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To do this, we engage ourselves intensively with your brand and your product and create a story around your product that your client will remember enduringly. Once we’ve found the right platform for our clients, we cover all areas – from scouting the right location, selecting a caterer, event technology, booking hostesses, artists and musicians to contacting public opinion leaders and media relations.

Sample project: Product training

For the presentation of the new X-Class from Daimer AG, we used nothing less than an entire state as a platform:

  • Location scouting throughout Austria
  • Six-week event timeframe in Carinthia
  • Sophisticated technical staging
  • A booking of approx. 10,000 hotel overnight stays
  • Integration of public opinion leaders
  • Comprehensive media work

Sample project: Press event, cosmetic industry

For a well-known cosmetics company, we found the right stage for three different products:

  • Three high-end locations in Salzburg
  • Presentation of sun cream on a glacier
  • Presentation of a herbal emulsion in a greenhouse
  • Presentation of a moisturiser at a spa

Reaching customers straight


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We bring you and your brand straight to your target group. We’re represented all over Austria at heavily frequented locations and work with valid frequency figures from over 100 shopping centres and squares. This way, we can guarantee our clients exact ROI evaluations and create an ideal platform for brand reinforcement, high contact numbers and dialogue with the specific target group. From the careful selection of the location to scheduling to the training of promoters and evaluation, we cover all services.

Sample project: Automotive roadshow

For the ŠKODA brand, we’ve had the pleasure of realising one of the biggest roadshows in Austria for many years. In doing so, we’ve not only turned out superlatives in logistics, but also in the result:

  • annually since 2015 
  • Nine-week promotion tour throughout Austria
  • Nearly 80 employees in 9 teams in action
  • 60 tour stops

Our concepts are always a combination of our ideas with your handwriting and your vision

Concept development

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Whenever we develop a concept for clients, we keep asking questions until we can truly find our way in the client’s world of values and ideas and corporate culture – the ultimate goal being to develop a concept, at eye level with the client, that creates a greater whole out of many small puzzle pieces and makes the company world something that can be experienced.

Sample project: Company anniversary

For the 150th company anniversary of our client BASF, we developed an event concept, with which visitors immersed themselves for two hours in the complex world of the multi-group, became engrossed in its rich history and experienced the diversity of topics with all their senses:

  • Conception of an interactive business world
  • Location at the intersection between modernity and history
  • Activity stations
  • Development and implementation of a quiz with a voting system

You and your guests will be amazed

Weddings & private moments

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For us, no private event is too big, too small or too elaborate. Birthdays, weddings or farewell parties – we engage with the client’s personality very personally and individually. From invitation management to logistics and administrative formalities to the charming give-away, we take care of those very special, private moments.

Sample project: Indian wedding

For our client…

  • High-end event
  • 3 days & 5 exclusively booked luxury locations in Vienna
  • 850 international VIP guests
  • International superstar as show act
  • 60 Mercedes Vianos deployed
  • Coordination and handling of five luxury hotels
  • Close contact and personal on-site support of families

Digital city rallye


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Team experience, excitement, fun and learning success are the focal points of our tabtour. Whether it´s a short evening event, a framework programme or an all-day event – our tabtour is as individual as our company.<br/> The teams set out, equipped with tablet PCs, and need to solve tricky problems. The questions are specifically tailored to the company in question: puzzles that need to be solved as a team – questions of estimation or knowledge. We enhance staff motivation creatively, pass on knowledge and ensure everyone an enjoyable day – completely in accord with the objectives of the company. For more individuality, we can design the game interface of the tabtour in your CI.

Sample project: tabtour in Venice

After the big success of the tabtour of our customer MyPlace in Salzburg, the task was clear: to create a sequel in a new destination.

We chose Venice:

  • 150 employees as game participants
  • Playful team building as the objective
  • Divided into 20 teams
  • Activity stations with tastings
  • 50 personalised puzzles


Brand ambassadors

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We’re proud to be able to say that we already know these employees. As a small, effective agency, we prefer to work together with our carefully selected pool of 200 freelancers. We know each of these people personally and work with them as equals. Many members of our team have been working for and with us for years. They know the clients inside out. Since they live the client´s values, they have become true brand ambassadors.

Sample project: Promotion

For many years, we’ve had the pleasure of providing and coordinating personnel for roadshows, trade fairs, product presentations and dealer events for our client ŠKODA and other Porsche Holding brands annually in over 50 assignments:

  • Scheduling & logistics
  • Storage of marketing material
  • Material handling
  • Travel management for staff
  • Brand and product training
  • Payroll accounting

Local contact

Destination management

With our locations in Salzburg and Vienna, we are always nearby as a local contact and door-opener. We’ve been a reliable partner to a number of German agencies for 20 years. Be it as a small cogwheel in a huge project gearbox or as the engine of an entire event: in each case we provide our local expertise and, with our excellent network within Austria, turn a closed door to an open gate.

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to be a stable, long-time partner for:

  • ATPi
  • Do it!
  • Genius Eventagentur
  • Globo Incentives
  • Grass Roots
  • Intercom GmbH
  • J7
  • KPP Event
  • lmc Communication
  • Metzler & Vater
  • Perlenfischer
  • Pure Perfection
  • Realize Live Marketing
  • Reccon
  • Schlüsselerlebnisse

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