We make it happen

We inspire emotions

A total of 1,500 individual projects in 40 countries around the globe speaks for itself. When we launched our business in the year 2001, we had the vision of putting our passion for events into a business. Today, more than 20 years later, we’re still at it. With joy, enthusiasm, commitment and the huge privilege of pursuing a career we love.

What remains is the passion for finding the best solutions for our clients.We do this in a team of over 10 permanent employees and with a large pool of specialised freelancers and independent project managers. From our two locations in Vienna and Salzburg, we’re active in Austria and throughout Europe. We organise around 50 events annually. From small and medium-sized businesses to major corporations, we handle both integrated project planning and partial services such as framework programmes for conventions, location scouting, personnel services and much more.What sets us apart from other event agencies? We plan events through the eyes of your participants, putting ourselves in the place of the guest. Your client ranks first for us so that you will rank first with your client.